A video about your Love Story, in under 60 minutes.

Just record your answers to our questions and hit submit.

We do the rest in under 60 minutes.

A perfect addition to rehearsal dinners!

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Record your answers to questions crafted by our story scientists, and receive a masterpiece video to share and treasure.

Created by film and TV producers.

Be interviewed by our automated professional directors at our leisure and receive a finished video about your Love Story.

No editing required!

Nothing says I love you like capturing "our story."

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What is Love Story? 

Most people go to a wedding not knowing much about one half of the couple or the Love Story that led to their engagement. Love Story captures your journey in a way that makes friends and family fall in love with your partner just like you did. (Plus, imagine showing it to your kids when they’re older).

Share how you met, why you fell in love, and the essence of your relationship.

How does it work?

Receive an email

You'll receive a link via email to start their interview whenever they would like.

Record Answers

Our automated directors walk you and your partner through an interview, where you can do as many takes as you want.

Grab Popcorn

Upon completion, Orson will send a fully edited, finished video for review.

What do I need?

Device with a camera

A device with a camera (mobile or desktop).


About 30 – 45 Minutes to be interviewed.


Some great stories to share.

Capture stories that will last forever.